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More than Meets the Eye

If you’ve been doing your homework, then you know by now that Reiki is beneficial for a wide variety of ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, and physical pain. I’m here to help spread the good word that these applications are merely the tip of the iceberg!

Here are some unexpected ways that you can incorporate Reiki into your practice to supercharge your day above and beyond the common uses:

· Bless your food/water: hold your hands over what you are about to eat or drink and channel Reiki energy to add a boost of healing energy.

· Charge your crystals: hold your crystal(s) while channeling the energy to amplify the effects.

· Add healing and protective energy to any room: If you are first degree certified, simply channel with the intention of clearing away negative energy. If you are second or third degree, draw CKR in each corner. Can be used in your home, or any building. I tend to do this in busy places where people are waiting in line and aggravated or the employees are stressed.

· Shield your energy: If you are first degree certified, simply channel with the intention of protection. You can visualize the energy forming a protective bubble of white light to surround you in peace. If you are second or third degree, you can incorporate CKR

· Befriend critters: animals are drawn to ki energy. If you are first degree certified, sit quietly and channel while holding the intention of connection. If you are second or third degree, use HSZSN to increase your connection with a specific animal.

· Protection from nightmares: channel Reiki energy into your bedroom or charge your pillow to add an extra layer of protection against negativity.

· Care for plants: is your houseplant wilted or brown? Not sure what it needs? Hold your hands over your green friend to give it a boost.

· Charge your cards: If you are a Tarot or Oracle card reader, hold your cards between your hands and let the positive energy flow into the deck to refresh the energy.

· Clear connection during readings: If you are first degree, perform self-Reiki prior to reading for yourself or others to open a clear channel. You can also perform a quick session on an in-person recipient to connect with their energy. If you are second or third degree certified, you can use HSZSN to connect with a specific person’s energy, or the energy of a situation/circumstance regardless of location.

· Amplify other energy practices: channeling Reiki energy is a great way to add an extra layer of positive energy to any other practice such as massage, sound healing, or even art therapy. The possibilities are endless. Perform self-reiki before sitting down to write or play music.

· Open a clearer channel for meditation: it’ hard to turn your mind off when you’re carving out time to relax. Perform self-reiki as a first step to harmonize your mind/body/spirit. If you are third degree certified, attune to DK.

· Charge and protect your altar: Hold your hands over your sacred space and channel healing and protective energy to enhance the intention(s) of your altar.

· Enchant a letter: perform self-Reiki and/or channel Reiki on to your paper or pen. This is especially great if you are writing a get-well card or want to send a note of encouragement!

· Add magic to your cleaning products: Channel Reiki energy into your home cleaning products to spread positive energy throughout your home. This can be very beneficial if there has been a lot of stagnant or negative energy trapped inside. It’s an amazing way to refresh your space!

· Support manifestations: manifestations work best when we separate our ego and have confidence in the Divine. Perform self-reiki prior to any manifestation work to support your best outcome.

· Ease discomfort from Shadow Work: It can be painful to integrate previously rejected parts of ourselves. Perform self-reiki to bring comfort or offer to a friend who needs support.

Tell me in the comments how you are using Reiki!

All my love

Jill Alders

Reiki Master Teacher

Lady of the Lake Reiki

Sanbornton, NH

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