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Reiki First Degree

Learn about the history of Reiki, receive attunement, and gain hands on experience with the system of touch. Participants will be able to perform Reiki on themselves and others after one class. Available for group and private sessions. 

Reiki Second Degree

Add symbols to your practice to enhance & refine your channeling, receive attunement, and learn to expand your abilities over distance. Reiki First Degree is prerequisite. Available in group of private sessions. 

Reiki Master Practitioner

Unlock the full potential of Reiki . Receive attunement to the master level and build upon what you've learned in the first two levels. Reiki First and Second degrees are required before registering, taught in private 1 on 1 sessions.

Reiki Master Teacher

Learn to give attunements, teach Reiki, and receive insight on running a successful business. All previous levels are required before enrolling, taught in private 1 on 1 sessions. Please inquire for full list of prerequisites. 

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