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My Story

I initially sought Reiki treatment through Whole Body Healing with Tiffany Myers RMT,  LMT, OMT in Auburn MA after years of suffering from panic attacks and anxiety. Although medication is absolutely an important tool, I was interested to learn what other more natural options were available. At the time I felt like I was trapped in a cycle where the answer to every side effect was another prescription. And, if I'm being honest, none of them really helped me feel all that much better.  After one Reiki session, I felt calmer and more relaxed. I also found that the results were cumulative. Over time I was able to come off of all the presciptions I was using to manage my mental health. 

After seeing the results for myself, I felt that it was important to learn how to assist others in reaching their personal goals. Everyone has a unique reason for being interested in Reiki, and I love hearing about how it has positively impacted so many people.

In 2017 I earned my First Degree certification and continued practicing & training until eventually becoming certified as a Master Teacher in March 2023.  Continual training will always be a focus for me, and it has been an honor to study alongside other Practioners and Teachers. Reiki has become something that I am, not just something that I do. 

My attention has now shifted to fully empowering others to explore their own natural healing talents, and make this opportunity available to as many people as I can. 

Classes are designed to help individuals learn the Reiki system of natural healing, and to cultivate an understanding of the principles to promote well being for themselves and others. With this knowledge,  students will be capable of using Reiki, even after the first day, in their daily lives. Classes are in session, and I encourge you to contact me to sign up or ask any questions you may have. All are welcome! 

When I'm not in class you'll most likely find me exploring another passion such as music or martial arts. I also greatly enjoy painting, although nothing ever seems to come out quite like a Bob Ross. It has taught me to enjoy the doing, not just the getting which I suppose is a valuable lesson. 

 My personal philosophy (although it's not entirely original) is to make the most out of each day, as the next is never guaranteed. To that end, I seek to do something every day that makes my spirit happy. I firmly beleive that it's important to live your philosophy, not just speak it. 

New Hampshire has played a huge role in helping me become who I envisoned  I could be when I started on my own journey to wholeness and wellness. There are plenty of opportunities to get outside and experience the larger perspective only nature can provide. And lets face it, there are no better people on the face of this Earth! I am so grateful for all of who who have shown me kindness and support over the years. I could not have done it without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

But that's enough about me. Let's talk abour your unique story. 

If any part of this oppotunity is resonating with you, and you are thinking about taking that next step, I invite you to contact me and ask any questions you may have, We can work together to uncover some ways in which learning Usui Shiki Ryoho may benefit you & others in our community. As stated earlier, each individual has their own unique challenges and goals and I would welcome an opportunity to hear yours.

Email is great-

You are also invited to text or call (508) 864-3353

Yours truly,

Jill Alders, RMT

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