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Natural healing for yourself & others


Learn to rebalance the body's flow of energy to manage pain, reduce stress, lower anxiety, and become resilient. 

Now enrolling for Reiki First Degree, Second degree, Master Practitioner, and Master Teacher

Reiki is a system of natural healing developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the late 1900’s. It’s purpose is to rebalance the body’s flow of energy by clearing, reenergizing, and harmonizing the various components which make up our personal energetic fields. In promoting a healthy flow of energy for the body, we also promote well being in the physical body. 

As Reiki practitioners, we use our hands to channel life force energy through a system of touch. The practice incorporates the ancient Hindu understanding of our energy systems, by interpreting our energy field as spinning wheels of light. Each spinning wheel is referred to as a chakra, the Sanskrit word for wheel or disk. By ensuring each chakra is vibrant individually, we can then assist the receiver in greater balance achieved through cooperation and exchange between them. The health of the one below is critical to all above, as it functions as the foundation.

After only one class, students will be able to use this system of natural healing to enact powerful, positive transformation for themselves and share their gift of healing with others.  



Classes are available in group and private settings. If you're curious, I invite you to contact me so we can decide together if this is the right next step in your personal spiritual journey. 

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